Ubiquity Title Solutions: From $250K fraud victim to security vanguard

Ubiquity Title Solutions: From $250K fraud victim to security vanguard


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The wake-up call for Angela Miller, CEO of Ubiquity Title Solutions, was a fraud incident that cost the company $250,000.

 "When [a fraud incident] happens, you never sleep the same again," Miller shares, “You know one click could be the end of your business.”

After several more close calls, she decided it was time to end the constant threat of wire fraud and get a definitive wire verification solution for her team.

Finding calm in the chaos

Dealing with the fraud incident was harrowing, and her team was on edge in the weeks that followed. But after a quick onboarding session, CertifID gave her team peace of mind that there was a way to fight back. The partnership quickly emerged as a beacon of hope.

"Everyone at CertifID knows what they're doing. They kept everybody calm," she reflects.

Creating a new culture of security

But even when it needs to happen, adding new processes to someone's workflow can be challenging. Resistance to change is a familiar foe in the title industry. 

“Being in title, we’re all set in our ways. We’re like: ‘Don’t make me do something new,” she jokes.

That’s why finding the right solution was critical. For Ubiquity Title Solutions, CertifID's integration into their operations was seamless. Miller credits this to CertifID's dedication to understanding and adapting to their internal ethos. 

“The team was very good about buying into our culture and what we believe,” Miller states.

The result? A smooth transition that saw the entire team embrace CertifID's solutions, particularly with PayoffProtect.

"PayoffProtect is used on absolutely every single payoff now," Miller states. This implementation secures transactions and protects the company against the consequences of wire fraud.

Put fraud behind you

With CertifID as part of their "new normal," Angela and her team eliminated the daily fears of financial loss due to fraud. They fortified their defenses and reclaimed peace of mind.

“I don’t worry on a daily basis like I used to about whether tomorrow is the day that a seller’s money is gone or a buyer’s money is gone. I’m sleeping better at night.”

Ubiquity Title Solutions' story is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and technology in creating a safer, more secure real estate environment. If you’re ready to help your team build a defense against fraud, set up a demo.

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