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Keep your customers and title company safe from wire fraud.

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1 in 3 real estate transactions are targeted for wire fraud.

Cybercriminals are stealing millions of dollars per month from title companies and consumers. Wire fraud can strike at any time, and its impact extends beyond that of the victim that was scammed.

ALTA 2021 Wire Fraud Survey

Get an inside look.

Learn how CertifID helps title agents keep customer data safe.

Start protecting your company today.

CertifID offers end-to-end protection so you can keep customer information secured and insured at all times.


Validate identities and credentials for every transaction.


Receive up to $1 million in direct insurance on every transaction.


Gain back valuable hours by eliminating callback procedures.

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Money Protected by CertifID

Businesses and consumers alike are reaping the benefits of the security and protection CertifID provides.

CertifID keeps your transaction details secure from start to finish.

Don't rely on traditional "best practices." It's time to level up your security and workflow to protect your company and customers.

Send wire instructions securely.

CertifID makes it easy to manage and share wire instructions securely. Ditch your email and callback procedures for an experience your clients will enjoy!

Safely collect bank details.

Use CertifID to collect bank details securely from home sellers and other partners. You'll get verification when the recipient has been validated and the transaction details have been securely delivered.

Quickly confirm bank details.

Verify that the bank details you have in front of you are accurate and have not been tampered with. CertifID helps you confirm these credentials with just a few quick clicks.

Transactions are backed by Lloyd's of London.

Secure your transaction details with CertifID and insure your wire transfer by up to $1 million.

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full range of capabilities.

CertifID provides proactive solutions for preventing fraud and services to support businesses when disaster strikes.


Identities are validated using CertifID’s patented risk analysis scorecard, which includes 150 different fraud markers.

Bank Account Confirmation

Transaction recipients are required to confirm the authenticity of their accounts.

Secure Transfer of Wiring Information

The secure transfer of wiring instructions to trusted devices and validated recipients reduces risk and safeguards funds.

Direct Insurance
for Businesses

Businesses using CertifID are directly insured by Lloyd’s of London for inbound and outbound wire transfers up to $1 million per wire.

Money Protection

Consumers may purchase additional coverage and access to CertifID’s Recovery Assistance Services should they fall victim to a scam outside of CertifID.

Recovery Assistance Services

Keep your customers just as protected. If funds are mistakenly sent to the wrong account (due to fraud or otherwise), CertifID will provide services to assist with the recovery of their funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

CertifID understands Title Agents' needs for security and efficiency. If you have a question that isn't answered here, reach out. We would love to help.

What information is required to send a request?

In order to send a request, you will need (at a minimum) the name, email address, and phone number of the recipient.

Is CertifID integrated with any title production software?

Yes! CertifID integrates with the leading title production software platforms: SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, AIM+, and AccuTitle.

Why is CertifID a superior solution to existing best practices?

CertifID provides added security and up to $1 million of direct insurance on every transaction. The solution also reduces the time and resources spent to verify individuals and their account details that traditional best practices require.

My clients are not tech savvy. Will CertifID still work for them?

Yes, users of all ages and tech experience love how easy it is to use CertifID. Your clients can go through the CertifID process on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet) without needing to download an app or create an account/password.