Money Protection Plan

Feel confident knowing your money is protected.

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CertifID provides an added layer of protection.

This optional protection plan provides the highest level of coverage available to protect you, your home, and your money.

Money Protection Plan Benefits

Wire transfers can be scary, we can help ease your concerns. If something goes wrong with your transfer, we’ll be there to help get your money back.

Team of fraud recovery experts

Purchase the Money Protection Plan and get access to the best team in the country if something goes wrong with your transfer.

24/7 crisis communication hotline

In these moments of stress, it's nice to know you have a real person to talk to. We're standing by to jump in and help you through every step of the recovery.

Notice to banks to freeze accounts

Getting a hold of the correct team at your bank or federal agencies can be a nightmare, let us handle it. We'll work on your behalf to notify the proper parties to help in your recovery.

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Report it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are fraud recovery services?

Should a fraud occur, CertifID can provide a team of experts to try to help get your money back. This team will engage law enforcement to communicate with banks, freeze accounts, seize funds, track transfers, and manage crisis communication with victims.

I thought there was $1 million of insurance. How is the Money Protection Plan different?

The $1 million direct insurance policy protects the safe transfer of funds if the wiring instructions delivered through CertifID are followed. The Money Protection Plan is an additional safeguard to help if the person sending the wire falls victim to a scam outside of CertifID.

What if I choose not to purchase the Money Protection Plan?

No worries, this plan is optional. However, if a fraud occurs, the victim will be on their own for trying to recover any stolen funds. The Money Protection Plan is a small up-front investment with big benefits should you need access to a team of experts to help get your life savings back from fraud.

The CertifID Platform includes third-party underwritten insurance benefits, for you. These benefits are offered and distributed through CertifID Insurance Services LLC, a licensed insurance producer and an affiliate of CertifID, Inc. The insurance benefits are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London under a master policy issued to CertifID, Inc. and, in some cases, are reflected for you or your customers by individual certificates reflecting those transactions. Lloyd’s of London is rated by A.M. Best as A (Excellent) with a stable outlook and a financial size category of XV, the highest possible. In virtually all states, Lloyds of London is neither licensed nor admitted and its policies are not covered by state guaranty funds. The terms and conditions of the master policy (including its limits of liability), any summary of benefits prepared by us, and any transactional certificates are referenced herein, and are available for your review upon request. You acknowledge receipt of this information and agree to be bound by the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the master policy and any applicable individual certificates. The program you are purchasing is provided on an “as is”, “where is” basis, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and title, nor any product or service warranties.