Money Protection Plan

Feel confident knowing your money is protected.

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CertifID provides an added layer of protection.

This optional protection plan provides the highest level of coverage available to protect you, your home, and your money.

Money Protection Plan Benefits

Wire transfers can be scary, we can help ease your concerns. If something goes wrong with your transfer, we’ll be there to help get your money back.

Team of fraud recovery experts

Purchase the Money Protection Plan and get access to the best team in the country if something goes wrong with your transfer.

24/7 crisis communication hotline

In these moments of stress, it's nice to know you have a real person to talk to. We're standing by to jump in and help you through every step of the recovery.

Notice to banks to freeze accounts

Getting a hold of the correct team at your bank or federal agencies can be a nightmare, let us handle it. We'll work on your behalf to notify the proper parties to help in your recovery.

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Report it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if there are any questions we didn't answer.

My clients are not tech savvy. Will CertifID still work for them?

Yes, users of all ages and tech experience love how easy it is to use CertifID. Your clients can go through the CertifID process on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet) without needing to download an app or create an account/password.

Why is CertifID a superior solution to existing best practices?

CertifID provides added security and up to $1 million of direct insurance on every transaction. The solution also reduces the time and resources spent to verify individuals and their account details that traditional best practices require.

Is CertifID integrated with any title production software?

Yes! CertifID integrates with the leading title production software platforms: SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, AIM+, and AccuTitle.