How Town n' Country Title triumphed over wire fraud with CertifID

How Town n' Country Title triumphed over wire fraud with CertifID


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Courtney Wilson's experience with wire fraud began with a stark wake-up call—a wire fraud incident that shook the foundation of her company, Town n' Country Title. As the Operations Manager, Wilson's role in managing wire transactions put her on the front lines of the fight. 

"There was a lot of anxiety and helplessness," she recalls, "Being someone in the organization who's responsible for releasing the wires is the ultimate 'buck stops here.'"

Finding a reliable verification tool became a necessity. Wilson's search for a solution led her and her team on a quest for education. She made connections at ALTA, and ultimately, through the recommendations of others, began a partnership with CertifID.

Finding peace with PayoffProtect

CertifID stood out to Courtney for PayoffProtect. This solution streamlined their process for wire transfers, ensuring funds were sent correctly without the hassle of long waits on verification calls. The shift to using CertifID meant their payments were now secure and efficient.

"It's provided the most time savings, not having to sit on hold just to be told you don't have the verification to get the information."

The setup was quick, and the platform was user-friendly, making it a smooth transition for her team. The dedicated customer support from CertifID was a bonus, providing direct help whenever needed.

"I had an employee say it was the easiest thing I had taught them to do!"

For Courtney, the decision to use CertifID was about more than just avoiding fraud. It was about peace of mind and maintaining her company's reputation. In an industry where trust is paramount, showing that you protect your clients and their transactions is crucial.

"In the title industry, reputation is everything. Your reputation is what brings your customers to you. That feeling that you protect and care for them is the difference."

Build a better defense against fraud

Courtney's experience highlights the importance of being proactive against wire fraud. With CertifID, her company found a way to prevent fraud and reinforce its commitment to security and reliability. If you want to return peace of mind to your team and customers, set up a time to learn how CertifID can work for you.

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