3 Unexpected Benefits of Wire Fraud Software

Learn about 3 ways that wire fraud software benefit your bottom line and overall customer experience.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Wire Fraud Software

Learn about 3 ways that wire fraud software benefit your bottom line and overall customer experience.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Wire Fraud Software
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Tyler Adams

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Wire Fraud


Mar 17, 2022

Real estate and title agents have to juggle the ups and downs of a buyers’ versus a sellers’ market. But no matter the market, secure and efficient closing and wire transfer processes are always necessary.

Even if you already know what wire fraud software can offer your business and customers when it comes to security, you might not have heard of some of the other benefits it can provide.

So how else can wire fraud software benefit your bottom line and overall customer experience? Here are three key benefits you may not have considered but could make a big impact:

Integration of Security into Your Workflow

In a time when customers shop online for almost anything, handle complex transactions via mobile devices, and expect quick response times, deciding to implement wire fraud software into your workflow can allow your business to automate and digitize what can often be a siloed, manual, and paper-driven process driven by insurance requirements and standard operating procedures.

For example, instead of having to prepare, process, distribute, and track the paperwork relating to your wiring process, your staff can instead use the native integrations built into a platform like CertifID to smoothly weave it into your existing title production software.

Not only does that add a layer of security to your business, but also gives your customers the automation and integration they have come to expect.

Increased Productivity and Fewer Callbacks

Traditional best practices dictate the use of notarized authorization forms and time-consuming practices like callbacks to collect and share sensitive information, which can quickly devolve into a game of phone-and-email tag. Unfortunately, all this time can add up and make it cumbersome to verify the identities of the parties in the transaction.

However, streamlining and digitizing these processes with CertifID frees up your staff to handle more customer-facing activities and gives your customers the flexibility to securely supply the information they need to at a time convenient for them.

An industry-leading platform can also offer notifications and update dashboards to keep the process moving and keep stakeholders up to date. This increased productivity and flexibility can also scale with your business, helping your team meet growing needs without tasks falling through the cracks or the need for additional headcount to meet the increase in demand during peak closing periods.

Additional Personalization for Customers

Finally, as we all know, the process of closing on a real estate deal can be a stressful and exciting time for both buyers and sellers, so it’s essential to add familiarity and personalization to the process.

For example, CertifID gives your team the ability to create co-branded workflows, messages, and digital forms that are unique to your business and customer preferences.

You can also use CertifID to safely collect information anytime, anywhere, and across almost any platform, removing a potential source of stress for your customers.

Take Your Process to the Next Level with CertifID

In a market full of pressures—from additional scrutiny on efficiency, security, and privacy to expectations of automation—identifying a solution that can deliver multiple benefits to your business makes the case simple, especially when those benefits have a direct impact on your business’ customer service and internal operations.

If your team is ready to learn more about how CertifID’s wire fraud prevention software can bring the security that your customers expect to your workflow, our team would welcome the opportunity to get to know your business.

It’s easy to get started—you just need to contact us for a free demo.

Tyler Adams

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Tyler brings a decade of leadership experience developing and launching technology businesses. Before co-founding CertifID, Tyler led new product development at BCG Digital Ventures for Mercedes-Benz, First American Financial, Boston Scientific, and Aflac.

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