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Keep your money safe at closing.

Securely receive wiring information through CertifID so you can feel protected when it's time to purchase a home.

Fraudsters want your money. We help protect it.

Be on the lookout. Fraudsters are targeting home buyers like you to divert money to fraudulent bank accounts. CertifID helps make sure you have the correct details to protect your transfer.

CertifID delivers wiring instructions you can trust.

Receive secure wire information and banking details directly
from CertifID. Sending money has never felt so safe.

Transactions are backed by Lloyd's of London.

Secure your transaction details with CertifID and insure your wire transfer by up to $1 million.

Follow our quick four-step process.

1. Receive an email/text message from CertifID.

2. Validate your phone number and identity.

3. Purchase additional protection for your funds

4. Securely access and download the PDF.

"CertifID has the best customer support."
Average support response time: 10 minutes

CertifID is more than just software.

Our team of fraud-fighting experts is here to help! Access our comprehensive Help Center, chat with us, or send us an email to the address below for assistance at any time.

Don't fall for these
common fraud schemes.

You may receive emails and phone calls trying to convince you to wire money to a fraudulent account. Look out for these common fraud tactics.

Be wary of misspelled email addresses.

Fraudsters make minor edits to email addresses that are difficult to detect. Double-check that the sender's address matches your point of contact and that the name is spelled correctly.

Look out for "updated" wiring instructions.

Your title company or law firm isn't going to send you any updated instructions or rush you to send your funds early. Look out for emails with these requests.

Don't trust messages that ask for wire confirmation.

This is a hallmark of a wire fraud attempt. Keep your eyes peeled for these types of emails. When words like "kindly" are overused, consider it a red flag.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This may all seem scary or confusing, but we're here to help.
Let us know if you have any questions that aren't answered here.

I'm a home buyer and received an email from CertifID. What now?

Congratulations, the company you are doing business with wants to make sure your funds arrive safely. Review the details of the email, follow the prompts to verify your personal details, and securely access the wiring information for your transaction. These instructions will NOT change. Only use these instructions to send your wire transfer.

I thought there was $1 million of insurance. How is the Money Protection Plan different?

The $1 million direct insurance policy protects the safe transfer of funds if the wiring instructions delivered through CertifID are followed. The Money Protection Plan is an additional safeguard to help if the person sending the wire falls victim to a scam outside of CertifID.

What if I choose not to purchase the Money Protection Plan?

No worries, this plan is optional. However, if a fraud occurs, the victim will be on their own for trying to recover any stolen funds. The Money Protection Plan is a small up-front investment with big benefits should you need access to a team of experts to help get your life savings back from fraud.

How do I send a wire transfer?

CertifID provides a secure way for you to receive the instructions you need to complete a wire transfer. You'll still need to log into your banking software or head to a local branch to complete the transfer. For more details, check out our guide below.