How TitleSmart erases the guesswork of wire verification and slashes E&O costs with CertifID

How TitleSmart erases the guesswork of wire verification and slashes E&O costs with CertifID


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Before CertifID, TitleSmart relied heavily on human knowledge and intuition for assessing the risks associated with outgoing wires—a process fraught with vulnerabilities.

Marissa Deml, Chief Operating Officer at TitleSmart, knows firsthand how nerve-wracking it is to rely solely on instinct, “It's a lot of stress. We’re only human."

As a result, it was difficult for her team to scale their security effectively. The knowledge share between employees wasn't a comprehensive, long-term solution.

"That knowledge really isn't something that you can teach someone in a quick session or bundle and install it in someone's brain — as much as I wish it would be."

Giving agency to her team

The transition to CertifID was a pivotal change for TitleSmart. CertifID introduced a framework for wire validation and alleviated the operational pressures previously felt by the team. That meant no more guesswork, reduced anxieties, and fewer hours spent chasing lenders. 

"I supervise this team — and send wires myself. It saves a lot of time on my end," Deml highlights.

On top of the efficiency gains, CertifID supports her staff directly. This support — in addition to CertifID’s PayoffProtect solution — empowers her team to work confidently. As the threat of wire fraud increases across the industry, having a reliable method to verify mortgage payoffs has been transformative.

 "PayoffProtect tool gives our staff something concrete they can do. Now they have something that's like, okay, this is an extra step, but I know that every time I'm doing this, I can exhale a little bit," Deml states.

Getting a 50% decrease in E&O premiums

CertifID has been a substantial return for TitleSmart — and not just in time savings and security. The implementation of CertifID has led to a significant reduction in TitleSmart's errors and omissions (E&O) insurance premiums.

 "We were able to reduce our E&O insurance — which is huge. I think next year’s premium we were able to half," Deml states.

Fortifying defenses against fraud

Deml's message to the industry is clear: "Nobody is too small. If you’re part of a real estate transaction, you're in the risk area." 

Now, with CertifID, they’ve found peace of mind. TitleSmart has fortified its defenses against wire fraud and created an invaluable layer of assurance and insurance for both her team and customers.

“I always love that when I have a payoff I haven't seen before, I can go, ‘Okay, well it's CertifID,” and just move my brain onto other worries.”

For Marissa and her team, it’s the definitive action in their fight against wire fraud.

“If we don't have it 'CertifID,' we don't wire it. Period.”

Elevate your operational security with CertifID

Wire fraud poses a significant threat to the real estate transaction process. If you’re looking for a better way to verify wire transfers at your firm, request a demo.

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