How Campbell & Brannon and CertifID turn the tide against wire fraud

How Campbell & Brannon and CertifID turn the tide against wire fraud


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Ask any closing attorney about wire fraud; they'll have a story for you. With over 25 years at the firm, Camille Brannon, President at Campbell & Brannon, has seen firsthand how wire fraud can lead to devastating losses.

"We're under constant attack, and it's a total loss when fraud strikes," she says.

Brannon recalled one instance where a closing attorney from another firm, misled by a fraudster, sent payoff funds to an incorrect destination. This error led to the foreclosure of the property, blindsiding the new owners with a notice on their door.

"That's a big loss. It's a total loss," Brannon says.

There are dire consequences when overlooking the security of wire transfers. But for Camille and her team, the adoption of CertifID has been a game-changer. It's helped them establish a trusted protocol: only trust wiring instructions delivered via CertifID. It's a non-negotiable policy that's helped keep them safe over the years.

"If you get our instructions from any method other than CertifID, then you can assume they're fraudulent."

Campbell & Brannon also uses CertifID's PayoffProtect for every payoff, adding an extra layer of security. PayoffProtect verifies the destination of the funds and instills confidence in their clients. 

"We have a pretty robust templated system ourselves, but we still like to use it because it's just one more thing that will confirm that the payoff is going where it's supposed to go," she asserts. CertifID works seamlessly with their procedures and helps them create a layered approach—a strategy that cybersecurity experts say is critical for security.

But what happens when fraud slips through the cracks? That's where CertifID's Fraud Recovery Services (FRS) comes into play, says Brannon. They're a lifeline for victims, she states, and with connections to the FBI and the Secret Service, FRS offers unparalleled support to recover stolen funds.

"They're the best anti-fraud experts in our industry," Brannon says.

Camille Brannon's message is clear: CertifID is essential for anyone in the real estate industry looking to secure their transactions against wire fraud. By adopting CertifID, you protect your transactions and contribute to a safer industry standard.

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