Title Company Production Software: The Top Platforms for Real Estate Closings

The need for a reliable title production software is obvious. Choosing the right one is less so.

Title Company Production Software: The Top Platforms for Real Estate Closings

The need for a reliable title production software is obvious. Choosing the right one is less so.

Title Company Production Software: The Top Platforms for Real Estate Closings
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May 26, 2022

It’s no secret that title production software is a foundational component of running a title agency. Utilizing this software is crucial for providing your customers with a seamless closing experience. It enables workflow automation, reduces potential for human errors, and enables organization of information.

The need for a reliable title production software is obvious… choosing the right one... less so. Here are the top title production software providers on the market today:


SoftPro is one of the nation’s leading providers of closing, title and escrow software, with more than 14,000 customer sites and over 60,000 users nationwide. Offering an award-winning suite of products designed to increase volume and revenue, SoftPro delivers innovative technologies to streamline the closing process.

Founded in 1984, they also maintain a large market share of title agents utilizing their software. SoftPro has been recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2007 – winning awards for superior customer service, support and product development.

Whether you are a large title or escrow company with hundreds of users or a small business with one or two employees, SoftPro’s flexible and customizable solutions allow you to choose exactly what you need and add on additional features and functionality later. Plus, SoftPro's hosted software allows you to work remotely from anywhere with your computer and an internet connection, without any I.T. costs. With a complementary suite of products, all aspects of the closing process from order tracking to trust account management to ordering third-party services such as e-signings, e-recording and remote online notarization, come together seamlessly for maximum productivity and revenue growth.  

  • Founded: 1984
  • Employees: 422
  • Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Learn More: SoftPro


Many of the industry's leading title agents use ResWare as their title and escrow production software. ResWare's focus is on providing customized workflows and API access to maximize productivity and efficiency for its customers. They partner with leading service providers and banks for direct integration within ResWare for a seamless and secure transaction process.

After being acquired by Qualia in December 2020, they are focused on further developing the ResWare solution for a continued focus on automation, innovation, and efficiency at scale.

  • Founded: 2003
  • Employees: 66
  • Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado
  • Learn More: ResWare


Founded in 1991, RamQuest is another Title Production Software used by many industry-leading title agents.

Their solutions for title and settlement professionals are scalable and adaptable, designed to be configured to align with your business and offer maximum efficiency.

RamQuest’s fully integrated closing, escrow accounting, imaging, transaction management, eSigning and digital marketplace solutions are full of functionality and very flexible, so whether you want software on your own network or a hosted environment, RamQuest has a solution for you.

  • Founded: 1991
  • Employees: 114
  • Headquarters: Plano, Texas
  • Learn More:  RamQuest


Qualia is one of the leading digital closing platforms used by real estate professionals, lenders, and homebuyers in the United States.

Despite being the relatively new kid on the block, their flexible infrastructure helps title and escrow agents process real estate transactions for millions of consumers each year, and they have product suites specifically designed for lenders, real estate agents, and proptech partners. Qualia utilizes technology that brings together users from across the real estate ecosystem to coordinate every step of the closing process through a secure, shared platform.

Their team of experts, spanning tech, finance, and real estate, combines an enterprise title and escrow production platform, nationwide vendor marketplace, and online closing room for consumers complete with a Remote Online Notarization suite (Qualia RON) to create a secure, seamless home buying experience for all.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Employees: 329
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Learn More: Qualia

Closers' Choice

Closers’ Choice is now part of AccuTitle, the owner of TitleFusion and Landtech. Through their robust Services Gateway offering, Closers' Choice offers integrations with underwriters and vendors to provide CPL's, Jackets, Lien Searches, Surveys, and more. Their innovative functionality saves time so title agents can focus on driving business.

Their product features include file management, document management, order entry, title insurance, invoicing, 1099-S Reporting, both remote and on-site training, closing disclosure, balancing & disbursement, escrow accounting, reports, personalized check printing and scanning.

  • Founded: 1981
  • Employees: 76
  • Headquarters: Ship Bottom, New Jersey
  • Learn More: Closers' Choice

Remember, not all title companies are built the same; finding a title production software that suits your needs is key. Once you find the right fit, you're communicating to your clients that you are committed to them by offering a well-ordered closing experience. More importantly, you're committing to your future as an adaptable and successful title agent.

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