The SoftPro Integration with CertifID Can Help Stop Wire Fraud

Learn how a SoftPro integration with CertifID delivers productivity benefits and wire fraud protection to your business and clients.

The SoftPro Integration with CertifID Can Help Stop Wire Fraud

Learn how a SoftPro integration with CertifID delivers productivity benefits and wire fraud protection to your business and clients.

The SoftPro Integration with CertifID Can Help Stop Wire Fraud
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Luis Palomares

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Mar 8, 2023

As a title professional, you’re responsible for one of the biggest transactions of your clients’ lives. During the closing process, all your clients want is a seamless, efficient, and secure process.

Behind the scenes, your team is working together to orchestrate a symphony of technology, paperwork, and best practices to deliver to your client’s expectations.

How well your team performs these important steps comes down to not only how your software works together, but also how well it can secure and protect your clients from the growing risk of wire fraud. That’s why the CertifID integration with SoftPro can be a powerful force for your business. 

I recently sat down with the SoftPro team to discuss our solution integration and why it benefits our joint customers. 

Why Securing Your Transactions from Wire Fraud Is So Important

Founded in 1984, SoftPro has grown to become the nation’s leading provider of closing, title, and escrow software with over 60,000 users. CertifID is proud to partner with SoftPro to be able to meet customers where you are - with the software platform you’re already using successfully. We know that security adoption is highest when it’s as seamless as possible. 

Unfortunately, cyber criminals know this too - and they are constantly looking for new ways to interject themselves into your workflows and client communications in hopes of making a big payday. From committing business email compromise (BEC) to using voice augmentation to commit social engineering attacks, today’s criminals are armed with increasingly innovative digital tools. 

In fact, real estate fraud—especially wire fraud enabled by BEC —is a growing and financially devastating crime. It’s so prevalent that the FBI recently issued a Congressional Report on this issue, calling it “one of the fastest growing, most financially damaging internet-enabled crimes,” and a “threat to the global economy.”

How to Get Started with a CertifID and SoftPro Integration

SoftPro is trusted across the real estate industry to facilitate timely, accurate, and smooth closings. CertifID delivers the technology to securely share wiring instructions and prevent wire fraud during that closing process.

When your organization combines the power of both platforms, your ability to keep closings secure while delivering amazing customer experiences is further amplified. In fact, accessing the  CertifID integration in your existing SoftPro software is easy. Simply visit the SoftPro 360 vendor portal, which is included for free in all editions of SoftPro software, and CertifID can be accessed directly under “Settlement Services.” 

Once you’re signed up with CertifID through SoftPro 360, CertifID's features can be utilized directly within the existing SoftPro interface – so you don’t have to leave the software or redesign your existing workflow. You can: 

  • Send wire instructions to buyers.
  • Confirm wire information provided by sellers and other parties.
  • Collect wire information from sellers and other payees.
  • Confirm wire instructions with sellers and other payees. 

As part of the security provided by the CertifID solution, your interactions happen in an end-to-end encrypted browser session. The session is encrypted at the start, and the device and user identity is validated from inside the encrypted session.

Why You Can Benefit from the CertifID and SoftPro Integration

Like SoftPro, CertifID is designed with customer security, priorities, and values in mind. A SoftPro integration with CertifID offers real benefits to you as a real estate law firm or title company, and to your clients.

For Real Estate Law Firms and Title Companies

  • Within the SoftPro 360 vendor portal, you can initiate CertifID for your closing, title and escrow products and services in one place without ever leaving your SoftPro software. Plus, the information received from CertifID is automatically added to your SoftPro file, so there’s no need to rekey information or visit multiple websites. 
  • That built-in automation helps reduce repetitive manual entry of data between CertifID and SoftPro. Many customers enjoy being able to use the integration so that a seller's details populate directly into their SoftPro banking portal.
  • CertifID provides added peace of mind with up to $1M in direct insurance coverage on every wire it protects.
  • Additionally, the companies are working together to further enhance the integration. During fall 2022, CertifID launched a new solution to protect mortgage payoffs that has scaled to protect $10B and 32k transactions for customers in less than six months. The companies are now working together to add this PayoffProtect solution to the SoftPro integration for availability later in 2023.

For Home Buyers and Sellers

  • Seamless integration between the two platforms gives clients a smooth closing process while mitigating the risk of wire fraud.
  • Clients can easily share or collect the wiring instructions and financial information needed to complete a wire transfer using a secure, web browser-enabled session.

Bring Together the Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to delivering an exceptional experience for your clients from start to finish, your team knows how to get it done. And when it comes to keeping cybercriminals from compromising your privileged communications and stealing funds, CertifID is an industry leader.

Wire fraud attempts are on the rise, and client expectations for security and privacy are higher than ever. Now is the time to add the security of CertifID to your SoftPro workflows. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SoftPro, CertifID, or the integration between our two companies, the SoftPro User Group Conference is a great place to do so. Visit with us onsite during the event April 12-14, 2023 at Amelia Island, Florida.

Or, if you’re ready to get started right away, just schedule a personalized demo at the link below. We’re always here to help.

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Luis Palomares

Senior Product Manager

Luis brings a decade of design and product leadership experience to the team. Before joining CertifID, Luis helped lead product and design at Merlin Labs, a HomeServices and Berkshire Hathaway real estate innovation lab. He also co-founded InHouse, a real estate marketing, and data platform, in 2015. Today, he combines his passion for thoughtful design and his experience in real estate to help create a future safe from wire fraud.

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