Jan 12, 2022

To Catch a Fraudster: New Year, Same Fraud

First-time homebuyer, Krista Gartelos, wired her $20,801 cash-to-close to fraudulent account. Despite planning on bringing a certified check to closing, the cyber criminals convinced Krista to send her funds to a fraudulent account via wire transfer.

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January 12, 2022

5:00 - The details of the fraud/Krista's home buying journey

12:30 - Krista talks about how she never intended to send a wire until the fraudster convinced her otherwise

18:10 - The emails chain between Krista and the fraudster

28:50 - Krista explains what it felt like when she found out she had wired her life savings to a fraudulent account

38:15 - Krista's message to real estate professions who are facilitating the transactions day-to-day

39:35 - Key learnings and takeaways