July 10, 2024

11:00 am ET

Sued for Wire Fraud:

2024 Insights from Recent Court Battles‌

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About the webinar.

As real estate wire fraud climbs without consumer protections from regulation or legislation – victims have been turning to the courts for justice. However, the likelihood of legal relief depends on the facts, circumstances, and parties involved in the litigation.‌

Real estate agents, brokers, and title companies are increasingly held accountable if a consumer loses money, but they may not succeed in recovering funds from banks or insurance companies when funds are diverted from their escrow accounts.‌

CertifID has analyzed over 100 of the most recent court cases since 2021 on the subject of wire fraud liability. In this session, we’ll share the conclusions from that analysis, including:

Legal theories employed in wire fraud cases

Regulation governing the rights and responsibilities of parties involved in electronic funds transfer

Landmark consumer and commercial cases, and what these precedents mean for real estate firms, financial institutions and insurance providers, and consumers

We’ll conclude with the security measures, education, and industry collaboration required to mitigate the risks of financial loss, litigation, and reputational impact from wire fraud.

CertifID Webinar Speaker

Tom Cronkright

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman