March 13, 2024

11:00 am ET


Underwriter Leadership on Fraud

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About the webinar.

FNF, the leading underwriter in the U.S., embeds fraud protection into several layers of its operations. The leaders of those organizations across FNF will share their journeys and their predictions about the future of fighting fraud. We’ll discuss:

  • Transformation each organization has undergone due to the rise of fraud
  • Advice on key resources to leverage in designing security into your title operations
  • Opportunities for title agencies to tap into talent to strengthen defenses

Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear directly from three of the most prominent female leaders in our industry!


Michele Green

SVP of National Agency Operations at FNF

Elizabeth Reilly

Chief Privacy Officer at FNF

Elizabeth Wysong Berg

VP for Education & Training
at FNF

Claudia Lee

VP of Marketing at CertifID