December 13, 2023


2023’s Top Insights: Lessons Learned from a Year of Fraud Prevention

The CertifID Team

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About the webinar.

Throughout the year, we've explored the dark corners of wire fraud, uncovering the tools and tactics fraudsters are wielding against unwary professionals.

Join us for an unmissable simulive webinar as we delve into the pivotal highlights from this year's To Catch a Fraudster webinars. "2023 Top Insights: Lessons Learned from a Year of Fraud Prevention" is your opportunity to ensure you are up to date with the essential knowledge that has shaped our industry over the last 12 months. We'll revisit the most insightful moments — from the emerging threat of seller impersonation fraud to the surprising complexity of business email compromise.

If you missed any of our webinars this year, here's your chance to catch up and gain insights to protect your clients and your business!

The CertifID Team