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State of Wire Fraud:
Trends and Industry Forecast


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Wire fraud is a type of cyber crime.

Wire fraud is enabled by business email compromise (BEC), a type of cyber crime that the FBI described as "one of the fastest growing and most damaging internet-enabled crimes" and "a threat to the global economy."1

CertifID analyzed data from more than 400 software customers and over 500 funds recovery cases to better understand the problem. The findings are stark, but offer some potential lessons for the future.

FBI 2022 Congressional Report on BEC and Real Estate Wire Fraud
2 FBI Internet Crime Report 2021

Fraud victim cases hit unprecedented levels in 2022.

Consumers (including home buyers and sellers) represent an easy target for scammers. As a result, consumers made up the majority of victims who engaged CertifID Fraud Recovery Services (FRS). 

Fraud victim numbers
FBI 2021 Internet Crime Report
FBI 2021 Internet Crime Report

The scale of potential fraud is even larger than expected.

In 2022, CertifID software processed over 340k wire instruction verifications. The vast majority of these transactions went through smoothly and securely. However, a significant number of transactions were flagged as suspected fraud.

FBI 2021 Internet Crime Report
FBI 2021 Internet Crime Report

Anyone can be the next target.

Scammers will continue to look for industries with vulnerabilities and large sums at stake. AI and other technologies are enabling them to achieve even greater scale and sophistication. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the digital divide.

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The State of Wire Fraud: 2022 Trends and Industry Forecast

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