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2024 State of Wire Fraud Report

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Real estate is a top target for fraud.

U.S. consumers face significant risks when buying or selling a home. 

Q: Did you receive any suspicious or fraudulent communications during your closing process?

Nearly 1 in 4 are targeted with suspicious communications.

1 person in red out of 3 in blue

"I received suspicious communications but was unsure if they were fraudulent."

More than 1 in 10 become targets of fraud.

1 person in red out of 9 in blue

"I was targeted with a scam but didn't fall for it."

More than 1 in 20 become victims.

1 person in red out of 19 in blue

"Yes, and I became a victim."

Survey of 650 U.S. consumers, November 2023.

Consumers are unprotected.

Their real estate professionals play a key role in guiding and protecting them.

FBI 2021 Internet Crime Report

Fraudsters are going after every weak link.

In 2023, CertifID customers saw more fraud than ever across all buy-side, sell-side, and payoff transactions.

$2.4B in suspected fraud identified across all transactions processed
+56% Y/Y growth in suspected fraud identified
The State of Wire Fraud: 2024 Trends and Industry Forecast

A secure future is possible with action.

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