The Benefits of Integrated Title and Closing Software

Learn how integrated title and closing software can help real estate professionals boost the customer experience and streamline overall operations.

The Benefits of Integrated Title and Closing Software

Learn how integrated title and closing software can help real estate professionals boost the customer experience and streamline overall operations.

The Benefits of Integrated Title and Closing Software
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Tyler Adams

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Sep 8, 2022

No matter your industry, the idea of breaking down silos between different functions and partners will always be a good business practice.

However, until the last decade, the real estate industry has had to stay in its digital lane, trapped within its own software systems and workflows while working to shepherd a sale through the closing process.

Fortunately, thanks to native application programming interfaces (APIs) and other integration-ready platforms, there are now more options for real estate professionals to offer their customers and other stakeholders a streamlined, transparent workflow for closings. In other words, instead of siloed, on-premises solutions, real estate professionals can benefit from integrated title and closing software capable of communicating with other systems and delivering a secure and efficient customer experience.

Is your real estate practice thinking about breaking down barriers and integrating in-house software to deliver a better experience to customers and partners? Here are just a few of the benefits to your operations and customers:

How Integrated Title and Closing Software Boosts the Customer Experience

No matter the size of the real estate transaction, there are legal, regulatory, and lending requirements real estate professionals have to meet to deliver a clean sale, title, and transfer. 

Real estate professionals can use integrated title and closing software to streamline the overall process for customers by:

  • Allowing disparate real estate professionals to share and handle closing and lending information electronically.
  • Reducing the amount of paper-driven forms and follow-on manual document and data processing.
  • Limiting the need for customers to provide duplicate information to multiple real estate professionals during the closing process.
  • Introducing the ability to create a more personalized, digital-first experience with customer-facing web portals.
  • Allowing enhanced flexibility to work with preferred lenders and real estate professionals

The Benefits of Integrated Title and Closing Software

In addition to helping real estate professionals provide a smooth customer experience, integrated title and closing software can also handle the many steps of moving through internal workflows and touchpoints with external professionals.

With the software, professionals can: 

  • Utilize automated document creation, data population from existing data sources, and workflow templates to increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Increase transparency and knowledge sharing with stakeholders, reducing the number of status emails and phone calls so more time can be spent on the actual closing work.
  • Use task management tools to track upcoming work across multiple platforms, estimate due dates and schedules, and flag potential hurdles early.
  • Leverage an industry-leading fraud prevention platform like CertifID that both eases the collection of bank account information and decreases the risks of wire fraud.

Use the Latest Technology to Your Operational Advantage

Making the decision to integrate your title and closing software with other applications is actually the hardest part. 

With flexible APIs, native integrations, and a wide range of customer-facing and operational advantages, there are plenty of ways to choose how interconnected you want your real estate technology to be, without the hassle of multi-month implementations that can slow down your business. Once your software solutions are integrated, you and your stakeholders can immediately see the return on investment to your operations and overall customer experience.

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