You deserve protection. We know how to help.

CertifID's founders know the devastating impact of wire fraud firsthand. Now they're on a mission to keep others safe from the same risks.

Our Mission

Every year, millions of mothers, brothers, friends, and neighbors fall victim to cybercrime and lose hard-earned money or, worse, their life savings. We want to put an end to fraud and protect these unsuspecting victims. That’s why we created an ecosystem of products and services to help protect life's most valuable transactions.

Our Story

Fellow law students and business partners Tom and Lawrence founded their title company, Sun Title, in 2005. In 2015, they experienced a $185,000 wire fraud. After that incident, they realized this type of fraud was much larger and more sophisticated than anyone expected.

Upon this realization, a company was born: CertifID. Founded on the need to validate identity in real time and share sensitive financial information, CertifID has stepped up to the task of sending, collecting, and validating credentials so that anyone who transfers money, especially during life's major milestones, can feel safe and protected throughout the process.

Today, CertifID protects billions of dollars.

CertifID works with businesses across all industries to deliver safe, secure transactions every time.

CertifID's History

Our journey began long before wire fraud became a fundamental concern for consumers.


Sun Title Founding

Founders Lawrence Duthler and Tom Cronkright established Sun Title, an award-winning title agency and one of Michigan's largest.


Sun Title Fraud Incident

Our founders experienced a significant wire fraud loss after getting tricked into sending funds to a fraudulent account.


CertifID Founding

CertifID was developed to validate identities, share wiring information, and insure the security of every transaction.


First Product Launch

CertifID launched its first product in 2018 providing title companies and customers with $1 million of insurance on every transaction.


$100+ Billion Protected

CertifID's technology and team are protecting businesses and consumers every day from the risk of wire fraud on their most valuable transactions.

“It's time to level up and prevent criminals from stealing funds.”

I’ve experienced a wire fraud loss firsthand and know how violating it feels to be a victim. As wire fraud becomes the fastest-growing cybercrime in the United States, we are committed to delivering the technology and solutions to protect life’s most valuable transactions.

Tom Cronkright
Co-founder, CertifID