Title Company Software Must-Haves

Here are the must-have requirements you need to guide your search for the right title company software.

Title Company Software Must-Haves

Here are the must-have requirements you need to guide your search for the right title company software.

Title Company Software Must-Haves
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Katie Stewart

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Oct 5, 2023

Like all real estate professionals, your business is fueled by the trust you build with your customers.

However, the software behind the scenes is what keeps your operations running smoothly, securely, and efficiently so your team can focus on delivering for your customers and your business can grow.

Yet, as more software options hit the market and your business needs evolve, it can be harder to identify the types of software your title company needs and the must-have requirements they need to satisfy.  

So whether your real estate business is expanding and you want to pick the best-of-breed software for your title company, or you’re just beginning your hunt for the software that ties it all together, here are the must-have requirements you need to help guide your search.

The Must-Have Title Company Software Requirements You Need to Consider

Investing in real estate software is a big decision for your title company. As you consider the functional fit of your potential picks, don’t overlook these five capabilities to ensure you get the best experience for your customers and employees:

Weaves into Your Existing Closing Process Workflow

A timely, organized closing is key to a smooth customer experience, and it’s having the right combination of software, processes, and people that makes it all happen. However, having to manually reenter data, handle clunky exports and imports, and introduce new hurdles for your staff can slow the entire process down. 

That’s why it is important to pick flexible software that comes with native integrations to many key real estate software packages already on the market. In doing so, you amplify and accelerate your teams and processes instead of bogging them down.

Integrates Latest Security Practices to Fight Back Against Rising Cyber Threats

Criminals are always looking for new ways to get ahead of cybersecurity best practices and security controls, especially when it comes to influencing the destination of large sums of money involved in real estate transactions. Look into the software provider’s track record to see if they protect customer data, patch and secure their products, and partner with industry leaders to fight against the threats to your business.

Provides User-Friendly Interface for Real Estate Professionals

This requirement may seem obvious, but today’s software may become less intuitive as its complexity increases. Prioritize software with a simple, clean interface, logical design, and ease of use for customers and employees. Overlooking user-friendliness can lead to employees avoiding the software or customers becoming frustrated, lowering the quality of their experiences and putting more burden on your staff.

Offers Accessibility Across Various Platforms and Devices

In today’s digital world, more personal and professional work is conducted on mobile devices or while on the go. Ensure that the software you pick works with any operating system or browser without sacrificing functionality or usability, allowing people to have the access they need when, where, and how they choose to work. 

If applicable, ensure that the software provider has the latest security patches and controls to protect your data in the cloud while reliably delivering information to those that need it.

Is Backed by a Trusted, Reliable Support Team

Selecting a piece of software for your business should be a set-it-and-forget-it activity. If issues arise, troubleshooting is required, or training and support are needed, you must have the peace of mind that a reliable support team will be available. Your customers trust your business to handle their closing process efficiently and effectively, so this robust support is especially critical. 

Bringing It All Together

Selecting software for your settlement and title company is a big deal. There are many tools out there — like Qualia or SoftPro — that can have a big influence on your day-to-day operations.

But so is choosing software for the right reasons. 

And with today’s cyber threats, from business email compromise to wire fraud, real estate professionals need to not only think about the requirements we covered earlier, but also the security of their business and customer information, especially as it flows through their closing process.

That’s why the CertifID team designed a platform that meets these user and functional requirements and introduces end-to-end encryption into one of the most critical phases of the closing process: the wire transfer data collection process. In other words, with CertifID, you can check all of these boxes while also protecting the financial interests of your company and customers from cybercriminals.

There’s a host of tools you might be considering as part of your overall IT security strategy. Read the latest whitepaper for a concise overview of the IT security stack and which products may be right for your business: The IT Security Stack for Title Professionals.

Check out our G2 reviews to find out what our users are saying about CertifID’s ease of use, functionality and customer support!

Katie Stewart

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Katie's background combines both IT and education. Her degree is in Management Information Systems, and she spent her first four years in the workforce as an IT business analyst. Katie took a career turn and joined Teach for America and worked in inner-city schools in Indianapolis as a math teacher and eventually an assistant principal. Today she combines her IT nerdiness and love of teaching, helping customers find success every day.

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