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All plans include:

CertifID provides proactive solutions for preventing fraud and services to support businesses when disaster strikes.


Identities are validated using CertifID’s patented risk analysis scorecard, which includes 150 different fraud markers.

Bank Account Confirmation

Transaction recipients are required to confirm the authenticity of their accounts.

Secure Transfer of Wiring Information

The secure transfer of wiring instructions to trusted devices and validated recipients reduces risk and safeguards funds.

Direct Insurance
for Businesses

Businesses using CertifID are directly insured by Lloyd’s of London for inbound and outbound wire transfers up to $1 million per wire.

Money Protection

Consumers may purchase additional coverage and access to CertifID’s Recovery Assistance Services should they fall victim to a scam outside of CertifID.

Recovery Assistance Services

Keep your customers just as protected. If funds are mistakenly sent to the wrong account (due to fraud or otherwise), CertifID will provide services to assist with the recovery of their funds.

We proudly protect:

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CertifID is more than just software.

Our team of fraud-fighting experts is here to help! Access our comprehensive Help Center, chat with us, or send us an email to the address below for assistance at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get up and running?

The average company is onboarded and gains the full benefits of CertifID within 2-3 weeks of contract. Smaller companies with a handful of users typically only need a 45-min kickoff and training call before their ready to get started. Large companies with multiple offices, usually take a phased approach by piloting in one office and then expanding to all locations.

Is there a trial period?

No, we do not offer any free trials. We find the companies that get the best value from CertifID are the ones that commit to updating their process and take full advantage of all security features. We will provide a Customer Success Manager to help steer the onboarding and ensure you get the most out of CertifID.

Can I pass through the costs of CertifID to my clients?

Yes! Most clients pass through the per request charges to the consumer via a separate “Wire Transfer Fee” or an increase to their settlement fee.

What is a "request"?

There are three main request types in CertifID - Send, Collect and Confirm. A send request allows you to send your wiring instructions securely. A collect request allows you to collect bank details securely. A confirm request allows you to confirm the accuracy of someone's account information. All three request types include up to $1 million of insurance on each transaction.

Do integrations cost extra?

No. All title production integrations are included with the annual license.