From Customer to Colleague: Why I Joined CertifID

From Customer to Colleague: Why I Joined CertifID

From Customer to Colleague: Why I Joined CertifID
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Julia Reyburn

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Jan 26, 2023

You never forget your first wire fraud near-miss. Mine was while acting as the buyer’s agent for some very tech-savvy buyers who I was helping to purchase their first home. Fortunately, a late change in the closing date caused them to call me - otherwise, they would have lost their life savings.

This experience stayed with me through a shift from real estate sales into the title and escrow world, eventually leading to my introduction to CertifID when we implemented it into our standard escrow workflow.

CertifID has always been obsessed with protecting the consumer, and I’m excited to help shape the way we deliver optimal value to our customers going forward. Armed with first-hand experience working with buyers and sellers, and implementing CertifID at scale, I’ll be working with all aspects of the business to ensure that we remain the top solution for wire fraud prevention. From helping shape the way that we support CertifID’s customers through their ongoing relationships with our Customer Success team, to how we make the onboarding process as easy as possible, and ensuring that the product roadmap truly favors our customer’s business success - and more.

It feels great to be part of a team that delivers on its mission every day - to stop wire fraud with software and recovery services. I look forward to continuing to protect people just like my former clients, as well as the companies that serve them, through one of the biggest transactions of their lives.

Julia Reyburn

Director of Customer Operations & Strategy

Julia is a seasoned business improvement professional, with deep industry expertise in the title and real estate space. In nearly 8 years at Redfin and its title subsidiary, Title Forward, she held numerous roles encompassing strategy, program management, systems integration, training, and sales. She brings a decade of management consulting experience to CertifID, and is passionate about bringing disruptive benefits to consumers via technology.

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